How Travel is changing people and people are changing Travel

Travel- a luxury Indians learnt about very late. In the generations before ours, Travel was the means to an end- A family wedding,  visiting a sick family member, to keep a tab on old parents, a funeral, a religious journey and the list goes on.

From my conversations with my grand parents, I noticed that they never took a trip without a cause. Such was the precedence. But as one generation gave way to another, the mindset changed, one holiday a year, turned into 2 and before you knew it- Gen Y that includes me was brought up in a world of 2 small and one big holiday a year.

But what fascinates me is how our holidays have changed in the last 15 years. The early holidays were about discovering and taking in the usual- World famous tourist sites, most rated restaurants, beaches and you name it. But as more and more of us are travelling to more and more places some old some new, far more adventure, recreational  and newer attractions are coming up.

Take for eg: London:  While the South Bank walk, Westminster gazing, London eye trip, Covent Garden eateries and of course Bond Street will always be part of a travellers staple diet- Strawberry picking on the outskirts of the city, living the TV Show ‘The Crystal Maze’, discovering London’s first popup made of shipping containers – Boxpark  are gaining equal popularity with vacationers.

India too is going through its share elevating the holiday experience to ensure repeat travel and strong word of mouth. So while earlier the Indian bound tourist was happy visiting the Taj, shopping at Connaught Place ( I know its Rajeev Chowk now but when talking about heritage you got to call it CP)  and taking pics at India Gate, I am happy to see heritage walks to Chandni Chowk, culinary walks to Jama Masjid, Qawwali experiences at Nizamuddin Dargah and even INTACH architectural walks getting their fair share of visitors.

As more people travel across the world, and look for something new, the travel industry innovates to make each trip memorable and insatiable.

I am happy to say I am evolving as a traveller and am one millionth of a reason for the emerging traveller attractions.

After all like an unknown visionary said ‘We travel not to escape Life But for Life not to Escape Us’




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