The New York bar that opens at 6am!

What comes to mind when you say Pop ? Music genre, cinema eatables and ofcourse your father’s nickname, are just some of the first thoughts. But team pop with retail and what you get is this amazing concoction of goodies that you rarely get to see or even experience at times …

Take for example the newest kind of Bar … one that can be frequented at 8 am just before heading to work. Its true ! A cereal bar. #Kellogg’s recently opened their Manhattan #cafe much to the delight of tourists and cereal lovers. Innovation in retail has always played an important factor,but do these marketing ideas promise retail sustainability? and more importantly should they?

In Kellogg’s case, the criticism has already begun. The 15 day old Times Square store has been branded as Super expensive, exotically priced and a rip off by many who compare its 7-10 dollar per bowl pricing to the same bowl prepared at home at 3-5 dollars. But as many others argue, experience is all that matters. Making the humble breakfast cereal an all day gourmet meal, that’s got to be priceless right?

Kellogs Cereal Bar


Food has always been the pied piper, which attracts footfalls to markets,malls and high streets, a concept Indian retailers are learning too. But while the West has gone through the adolescent retail stage, India is still in its teens.

While gone are the usual suspects, you will find one kiosk wonders hiding in the food courts of malls, but we are yet to see the demand for niche flavors.

Molecular food, Vegan delights and exotic Sushi are present by way of standalone establishments but it will be long before the regular Indian food lover will demand innovation for everyday snacks. Imagine an idli bar where you pick your southern snack out of your personal steamer, or a make-your-own-bhelpuri cart.

While I am lucky to be alive at a time when sushi, steaks and cheese cakes are abundantly available, I hope to reborn in an era where Delight Your Customer is the base of all decisions and the world is their oyster!


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