Happy Birthday Lata M! You truly are India’s Nightingale

Having met her once in my life, I can assure you, she truly is a gentle soul. A melody in her voice, a note on her lips and a tune dancing in her eyes at all times. Lata Mangeshkar, a singer, performer and an artist at heart is one of the few who have worked with over 4 generations of the film industry.

Modest about her talent, Didi a she is fondly called, is every music lover’s dream come true. Enjoy this fact-o-file on Lata Mangeshkar

Loved by many, Lata sang for multiple actresses, but it was Saira Banu who would ensure her film contracts stated that Lata sang for her.

Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon, a patriotic song, against the backdrop of the Sino-India war in 1963, moved the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru to tears.

The first hindi song she sang was ‘Mata Ek Sapoot’ for the Marathi film ‘Gajaabhaau’ (1943)

At 87, she has sung songs in over 36 regional Indian and foreign languages.


-Mansi Mehta




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