Meddling with Media: Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?

I grew up hearing this name, the name that was synonymous with fact and truth.

People din’t say ‘Aaj News dekha?’ Instead said ‘ Aaj NDTV dekha?’

That was the power of the name NDTV.

So when I started working there in 2004, it was my dream come true. Interviewers made time and asked for the NDTV crew first, because they knew they wouldn’t get the intellectually laden questions ‘Are you dating x’ ‘ When are you getting married’ or even ‘ Aapka dog hospital main tha aapko kaisa lag raha hai’

Our editors were those who had burnt the midnight oil with Dr Roy and understood the value of a good story, the power of an untold tale and most importantly knew how to smell the news from a mile away.  So, if my questions were not well researched and flimsy, not only did I stand the chance of not being sent for the interview, but more importantly being branded as ‘ Not fit for NDTV standards’ And that I promise you was pretty much the beginning of the end.

So while I am no longer with NDTV, and therefore unaware of whether the charges are right, my history with the company tells me they would shut shop before letting their editorial standards fall to that level.

That being said, Politicians and their politics has always been the biggest threat to media globally.  Two sides of a coin, there can never be a happy relationship there, and that’s when the power struggle to bully the other begins.


I leave you with Indian Express Editor, Raj Kamal Jha’s very wise words that depict the true life of a journalist ‘ Criticism from the government is a journalist’s badge of honor’


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