Alarm for 9pm New York time ?  Check

Cable Bill paid?  Check

Fellow movie lovers invited? Check

Popcorn in Microwave? Check

The US presidential debate honestly should not gather such popularity in a country that has live action to the best drama series that even Netflix would be jealous of.

Ofcourse, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha TV channels in India are the gateway to the ways of distinguished politicians in the world’s largest democracy. From screaming, shouting, calling names, destroying public property, throwing microphones at speakers to tearing policy papers, these stalwarts have shown how politics = entertainment . While we have enjoyed our share of cheap politics, we look forward to this one because it rarely stoops to such lows in the domains of these Super Powers

So this US presidential debate promises to keep you glued. On one hand you have a corporate honcho who has little control over his mouth and on the other an ex first lady struggling with her health. It will be interesting to see if it will transform into a bully vs the bullied, men vs women or even a 5 yr old vs a 50-year-old debate depending on the personality suit, the versatile Donald Trump chooses to don.

100 million viewers who are expected to be watching in the US alone, can look forward to character assassinations, childish behaviour, misconduct and endless screeching that would put our own Arnab ji to shame.

While Trump has not participated in many debates in this quest for the White House, Hillary has not only debated this season, but also engaged in 25 one on one debates with Barack Obama in 2008.

Presidential debates are key for those who have chosen to ignore the cacophony over the last months, only to make up their mind with this last series of face offs. They are also a turning point for those sitting on the fence, because while policies and agendas are important,  who they want to be led by over the next year’s is crucial.

So whether Donald trumps Hillary or Hillary trumps Donald, make sure you enjoy the show with the best seat in the house!

-Mansi Mehta