The happiness in years beyond eighty

No, it’s not a daily occurring in my life. But lately I notice myself wishing it was.

The interactions have been just so brilliant and awe inspiring. Even in the most mundane aspects of life they talk about. It’s perhaps just the way they look at life. Their knowledge silver lined with their experiences. Wondering where I am taking this?

I am talking about our elderly. People who we almost forget in our daily rush. The elderly who are fortunate to see life beyond the age of eighty. Our own, who are repositories of ‘Gyan’, respectfully ignored during the dinner table conversations. But no, it would be wrong to label my recent interactions with this generation as ‘Gyan sessions’. It was anything but that. And that’s what made me fall in love here.

So, I am recently married. I have lived independently most of my life. After high school, I shifted to a different town to experience the college life. And there began the journey, punctuated by nights of instant noodles (mostly because of lack of resources to buy healthier food options) and earth shattering heart breaks of failed relationships. Given that my parent and siblings have always been in different towns, it’s understandable that my interaction with even fifty plus aged people have been superbly far and few. And I would be adding my late night five minute chats with the white-haired guard ji of my Upscale Delhi colony amidst the ‘far and few’. The marriage however, brought in a gamut of relatives into my life. And for once, I was open to the idea of experiencing family up close. The positive attitude that I carry everywhere I say (too much). I was soon introduced to my husband’s maternal grandmother. She is 85 years old. And no kidding, she met me in a pair of trousers with these uber cool dark glasses and eyes that sparkled, even beneath the greyness that years of wisdom bring with them. One thing you notice about her instantly. She is the ‘Joie De Vivre’ of every situation. She continues to be the force that’s kept the family together. She never could learn to speak English. Every reason, she says, to have taught all her five kids in English medium schools. The most forward outlook I realised for our parents who were kids then. She went to the Disney world recently and was most excited as her wheel chair gave her priority entry into every ride she chose. Imagine that. The love for life you need to have to take experience to this level. I will be surprised if I have the energy or the inclination to go all the way even at the age of forty-five.

So, this one beautiful early winter afternoon, I found myself alone at home with her and I decided to ask the most ‘Gyan session’ level question I could muster – With the 80 plus years of experience, what could be the one advice she can give me? She replied almost instantly – Smile through it all. Every experience happens rarely in life. Good or bad. And to bring yourself to the level where you can smile through them all shows one has achieved peace with life itself.

It is something about this age. They lived through World Wars, the Independence struggle, the partition, the family feuds, the deaths of their loved ones and even the daily heart breaks of seeing their materialist gains disappear over the years. And yet, you should see them. Do talk to one of them, one of these days. You will not be disappointed. These people have realised the minuteness of every day incidents. The futility of running after everything. They have learnt how to bring humour into life. They have learnt to smile through it all.

I wish we do too. A bit sooner would be nice.

-The Anonymous Writer

Is it in your bag???

Remember as kids, when you had guests over for dinner, and the best part of the evening was when you went rummaging through all the aunty’s bags to find an array of lipsticks, perfumes and eyeliners that you were forbidden to use.

Cut to 2017 ! Reach into my bag and you will find A City Girl’s guardian angels, all under one zip.



Board meeting se nahin, sahib, public toilets se dar lagta hai.

Say hello to Public toilet’s best freind Pee Buddy! Always in my bag, this allows me to be out of my home all day without worrying about hygiene!



Come summers, and I wish I could have a cold shower every 2 hours to get the dust, heat, sweat off me… and this is where these wipes are a godsend! In under a minute, I feel human after gruelling outdoor meetings. Super recommend this to be in your bag at all times.



We’ve all heard of the Little Women, but ask any guy and he could write a new version called The Hungry Women. Hunger & Women are 2 words that together spell disaster for anyone in their vicinity.  Its here that these honey miniatures come in handy. Eat them whilst travelling, in a meeting or when surrounded with fried food!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.16.34 PM.png


Walking into meetings while chewing gum, is not only tacky, but also distracting! Say hello to mint sprays that give the same fresh breath without the need to chew like a cow!

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 5.23.08 PM.png


With a Mini Power Bank in the bag, I am never without charge on my phone, tablet and ipod!  So listen to music, play a game or keep chatting the whole day!



How to you turn #SUNday into #FUNday

Who doesn’t like a Sunday ? The after party lazy morning that promises to be everything the week wasn’t. But from my close to 2000 Sundays spent on Mother Earth, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to avoid Monday Blues, is to make the most of your Sunday.

So choose one or all of the below and I promise you Sundays will never be the same again!


For the chefs-in-making, decide on Friday on the dish you want to make on Sunday. This gives you enough time to get all the ingredients together, more importantly, you end up looking forward to the kitchen time.


If you are only a connoisseur of food not a creator, how about researching and trying out a new place every Sunday.You could work on diff themes like cuisines or the kind of places you want to discover-street side, bhawans, start ups , food trucks or fancy or even breakfast/lunch/dinner or even mid meal speciality places. Once you pick a course of action, I can promise you the journey is delectable!


For the Arts inclined, make a calendar of the performances you want to attend. I find, Pre booking is key to this , as it makes sure your intent doesn’t dwindle and you are mentally looking forward to the experience( helping you get through the week!)


You will gawk if I tell you, I have never been to Red Fort or Qutub Minar in Delhi. I have only lived here 35 years and still just managed to not make it there. I am sure though there are such popular and some hidden gems in your city, that you too take for granted. I recommend taking time out for a heritage walk or guided tour. I can guarantee it will change the way you think of your city.


Now this is my all time favorite- Do you know Delhi has 18000 parks? How many have you been to ?  This works great for people with kids, groups who like to get together to play music, fitness enthusiasts and specially the ones who love picnics! Go on and discover the Park Adventures


I am sure most of you have noticed, our best friend TV does not feature in this list. After all the time we spend with it during the week, don’t you think your TV deserves a Sunday?

-Mansi Mehta




When was the last time you upgraded the App called Self?

Most of you reading this would have grown up in the same era as mine, so when I say Alanis Morissette, you won’t be halfway typing the name into Google!

Her single ‘Ironic’ was one of the most deep, intellectual and thought provoking singles on life and its unfairness . Everyone could see themselves in one or many of the below situations!

A traffic jam when you’re already late
A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
It’s meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife
And isn’t it ironic…don’t you think
A little too ironic…and, yeah, I really do think…

But while the song may continue to hold true, Alanis decided that like her recent #Instagram upgrade, this single too needed s nip here and a cut there. You have to watch this song to understand why I am writing this article.




Evolution has found a newer hipper cousin called #Upgrade, and this is going to be the key to our ‘ happily ever after stories ‘.  Our lives are not the same as they were yesterday, and while it may not affect us right away, like an un-updated software, we won’t even know when we’re redundant.

But what does that update mean? More money in the bank, promotions, better car, house, vacation home? While they are all welcome updates, I actually wondered when did we last upgrade our Emotional Quotient? In the craziness of the work day, matching hectic social life, family obligations and pet duties – when was the last time you searched your soul, noticed the moon, went for a walk in the woods, took a lone vacation, meditated, planted a sapling in your garden or even just gaze up at the skies with no ping of the fb notification to distract your attention?

While Gen X  tries to digest technology and social media explosion,Gen Y aka you my friends will have to make the most adjustments to ensure we don’t get sucked into this.Like our monthly reviews we must make time periodically to feed our soul, plan trips with friends who can rejuvenate us , take parents out for picnics and most importantly find a hobby so we can spend time with ourselves. Don’t loose focus on the importance of Me time,  enhancing skill sets and  healing our soul .

In this constant churn of the next level, and the ever demanding world of #Facebook, #Linkedin , #Youtube , # Netflix , #Snapchat , if only an upgrade for the soul was at the touch of a button .



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